• Kenzai entry + powder room (photo Sharrin Rees)

  • Kenzai kitchen (photo Sharrin Rees)

  • Kenzai living + dining spaces (photo Sharrin Rees)

  • Kenzai master retreat (photo Sharrin Rees)

  • Strathfield apartment entrance renovation (photo Jacqueline Bosscher)

  • Strathfield apartment entrance renovation (photo Jacqueline Bosscher)

  • Strathfield apartment entrance renovation (photo Jacqueline Bosscher)

Vision + Mission


The cross-pollination of design, art and architecture is at the heart of The Design Commission’s desire to contribute innovative, meaningful and, above all, sustainable spaces for people to live and work in the Australian environment, climate and culture.

An emphasis on functionality, craftsmanship, attention to detail and making things to last results in quality spaces for living and working.

The philosophy of The Design Commission, founded by interior designer and art curator Jacqueline Bosscher, is that environmentally sustainable design leads, by its very nature, to significantly better outcomes for the client as well as the wider community. Great design can achieve passive environments by using sustainable materials, expending less energy and fewer resources.

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The focus of The Design Commission is to create interior spaces that marry form, sustainable materials and function in a meaningful way. It has a 3-prong approach to achieving this objective.

Firstly, by striving to design spaces that result in passive built environments through the marriage of the right materials with the right technology, a project may have a minimal footprint: good for the user and good for the environment.

Secondly, by focusing on the function and materiality of interior space to create interiors that are beautiful in their application of materials and deliver what the client needs.

And thirdly, by thinking actively about living in the southern hemisphere we can fold new ideas from the Asia-Pacific region into the design of buildings, transitional spaces and interiors in Australia.

Cross-pollination of design, art + architecture

As well as training in Interior Design, Jacqueline Bosscher has spent more than a decade working as a curator of contemporary art, commissioning art installations that explore and explode space and ideas. She is passionate about working across creative practices and looking to other fields of creativity for inspiration.

As such, The Design Commission projects may incorporate the commissioning of artists, graphic designers, fabric or furniture fabricators into the design process.